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Who We Are

EnergyWeb Doge (“EWD”) is a project on a mission to offset the carbon emissions produced by the Dogecoin Proof-of-work (“POW”) blockchain. POW chains are run and validated by miners, and have been the focus of many critics lately. With POW chains, mining rigs constantly compete on the network to mine the next block, leading to excessive electricity consumption. As the networks are spread worldwide, the energy used to power these mining rigs is derived from multiple sources, often including carbon based fuel (coal and gas). The carbon footprint of a single crypto currency can climb well over thousands of metric tons of CO2 in a given year. A group of members from the EnergyWeb community created EWD token to fight this very problem. Unlike many other meme projects, EWD is not meant to compete with Dogecoin. In fact, EWD was created to ensure that the Original Doge is looking good and sharp when it comes to its carbon emissions and the carbon footprint it leaves behind. Our dashboard displays a live tracker of DOGE’s CO2 emissions along with the matching carbon credit offsets by EWD. Any extra retired credits will be put towards offsetting past transactions up to the genesis block until Dogecoin is 100% carbon-neutral!


Green Tax

1% of each transaction will under go a "green tax" and will be collected in a multisig wallet. Those funds will be directed towards blockchain projects that are aimed at the decarbonization of our planet.


Liquidity Tax

0.75% of each transaction will be moved directly into the EWD/SUSU liquidity pool at CarbonSwap. This “liquidity tax” will help maintain healthy liquidity in the pool, stabilizing the price while allowing users to exit and enter EWD positions without spiking volatility.


Community Tax

0.25% of each transaction will be taxed, collected, and then redistributed to liquidity providers of the EWD/SUSU pool. Being a liquidity provider has never been this great!


Successfully Completed
August 21st 2021


15,000,000 🔋 EWD 🔋

CarbonSwap Liquidity Pool

20,000,000 🔋 EWD 🔋

v1 Token Holders

25,000,000 🔋 EWD 🔋


40,000,000 🔋 EWD 🔋

v1 Liquidity Providers

Multilingual GreenPaper

Learn about the project in any of the following languages!

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Whats does it mean ot be "Carbon Negative"? This means that EWD removes CO₂ from the atmosphere, or sequesters more CO₂ than is emitted. This is all made possible by the carbon neutral blockchain EWC. EWD lives on the EWC, a blockchain powered by a POA consensus, where some of the biggest energy companies in the world make sure that their validators are using 100% renewable energy, or are offsetting their carbon emissions. Our token leaves a zero carbon footprint while also using the "green tax" to purchase renewables to offset other carbon emissions produced on the planet.

EWD started as a meme coin (EDOGE), but the tokenomics were unsustainable and the original developer abandoned the project. Some of the community members decided that it should be migrated to a new token contract. The new token has a specific tax that gets transferred to a green fund on each transaction. Although it can still be considered a meme coin, we'll hope to see the green fund have a real-life impact on the decarbonization of the planet.

We have shared a roadmap in the greenpaper. Since EWD is a community coin, that is by no means a definitive roadmap. We hope to see community members step up and bring new ideas to the table, that could either fastrack the roadmap or bring more utility to the token.

25% of the supply (25M out of 100M) was set aside for incentives such as LP rewards and airdrops. We want to bring more awareness to SUSU token on CarbonSwap, and that’s where we’ll concentrate the rewards for liquidity providers. More details will be shared as we get closer to implementing the farm(s).

We didn’t put aside any tokens for the team members personally when we created the new contract. We decided to play by the same rules as every other holder of EDOGE (v1). That means we will get our share of the V1 Airdrop like all holders, and sent our CLP tokens to the safe like everyone else in order to get into the CLP swap distribution.

It was decided that we would collect as much liquidity as possible from the EWT-EDOGE pool for the migration. This is why we decided to use the CLP swap to fund the new liquidity pool. The entirety of the EWT tokens removed from the EDOGE pool, paired with 15M of new EWD tokens, is what made the starting price of EWD what it is.

How To Buy EWD

Looking to purchase EnergyWeb Doge?

Puchase EWT

The EnergyWeb Token is the native currency of the EnergyWeb blockchain, much like ETH is the native currency of the ethereum blockchain.

To purchase EWT, visit the KUCOIN exchange.

Get your EWT into your wallet

Now that you have EWT, you're going to need a wallet.

Download and install Metamask.

Setup and configure Metamask for EWC.

Exchange EWT for EWD

Head over to CarbonSwap!

Select "EWT" under "from" and select "EWD" under "to".

Click the little gear and set slippage to 2%. Then click "SWAP".

Our Team

Members of the community, just like you.